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Personalized Dog Collar | 4th of July Tie Dye Dog Collar | Duke & Fox


Duke & Fox® Dog Collars are handmade in the USA.

Fireworks, (we love them but, our dogs do not, good reason to have a personalized collar on it, #1 night dogs go missing) hot dogs, picnics, watermelon (FYI, perfect treat for your pup on a hot day), local parades, and family and friends.....makes for the perfect day for the perfect personalized dog collar. 

Whether choosing from a traditional dog collar, embroidered dog collar, or engraved buckle dog collar, you’ll find a great selection to choose from.  Duke & Fox® personalized dog collars come in a variety of unique styles and patterns. Our embroidered collars and engraved buckle collars also add to your dog's safety and your peace of mind with critical contact information should you and your dog get separated. 

Our collars are functional, stylish, and handmade to stand out and express your pup's personality and your sense of style.  Duke & Fox® custom dog collars are made to order and are customized to your exact criteria.  You have the option of choosing the pattern, thread colors, font, and buckle style. We also offer matching leashes, bow ties, flowers, and bandanas to complete your look.

Features: adjustable dog collar made with nylon/polypropylene, reinforced fabric, side release buckle, tri-glide, and welded d-ring. 

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