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Why Your Dog Needs A Custom Embroidered Collar

Candace Meade

Posted on January 20 2022

Is your dog really dressed if they’re not wearing a collar? A dog collar actually serves multiple purposes. A collar isn’t just a way for your dog to carry their identification tag. It’s a fashion statement. A collar is an accessory that can make its own statement about your dog’s unique personality.

Whether your dog likes the frills and luxury patterns or the more outdoorsy prints, there’s something for every dog out there. Their collar is a great way to let their personality really shine.

But why settle for any old collar straight off the rack when you can deck your dog out in a totally unique personalized collar? Your dog will be best in show when she steps out in her new look.

And hey, the collar might not make the dog, but it can definitely make things easier for you. If you’re wondering if a custom collar is a practical choice, you’re in the right place. We’ll reveal why putting a personalized embroidered dog collar on your dog is not just a fashionable choice but the smart choice, too!


Embroidered Collars Make ID A Breeze

Let’s talk about those pesky ID tags. Having your dog’s name and your contact information easily accessible is important, but are tags really the best way to achieve that? It can be very aggravating to come in from a run only to find that your dog’s tags have fallen off. The clinking when your dog decides to jump up at 3 in the morning can be so startling. Not to mention, having to keep your dog’s furry sibling from chewing on their tag while they wrestle around? Almost impossible!

Believe it or not, an embroidered collar isn’t another cutesy dog item. It’s an extremely practical choice - especially if you have a dog that is rough on their collars and has maybe even lost a few ID tags. Even if your dog is microchipped, remember that the average person doesn’t have a microchip scanner easily accessible to them. The first thing someone is going to look for if your dog goes for a solo stroll is a collar and tags. 

lost dog sign why get your dog embroidered dog collar

Instead of worrying about losing your dog’s ID tags, you can have their name and your contact information embroidered right onto their collar. When shopping from Duke & Fox’s personalized embroidered dog collars, you can choose whichever font you think suits your dog the best. And you can get your dog’s name and your phone number in a place that’s hard to miss. 

Plus, our embroidered collars are machine washable. If your dog likes to dig in mud or roll in questionable things, don’t worry about their name becoming unreadable. Just toss the collar in the wash, and it will come out sparkly clean and with their name still fully legible!

At Duke & Fox, you also have the option to engrave your dog’s information on the buckle. If you prefer a more streamlined look, just select a buckle that can be engraved, and choose that option when you place your order. 


Get Creative With Your Dog’s Collar

Just because an embroidered (or engraved) collar serves a practical purpose, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it. These are the perfect collars to show your creative side with. There are dozens of fun, unique prints to choose from, so we know you’ll find it hard to select just one.

Once you find the perfect print for your dog at Duke & Fox, select the shade of embroidery thread that will pop against the pattern so their name really stands out. You even get your choice of buckle, choosing between plastic or metal. If you want a metal buckle, you can choose between silver or gold-tone, whichever really speaks to your dog’s personality. 


Add Accessories To Your Dog’s Collar

Love the collar, but feel like it needs just a little bit more? Accessorize it with a matching bow tie or flower!

Duke & Fox offers collar flowers in solid colors or cute patterns to add a nice accent piece to your dog’s collar.

Bows more your style? Duke & Fox bow ties come in two separate styles in a variety of fun fabrics. You can pretty things up with an ultra-feminine bow or add pizzazz with a bow tie. And of course, these come in different sizes to fit any size collar.

Look for matching patterns, or find one that blends with the collar in a fun way. These are great to add for a special occasion, like family pictures, a dog-friendly date on a restaurant patio, or a dog birthday party.

You can even make a complete outfit for your dog. Duke & Fox also offers custom leashes made to go with your dog’s embroidered collar.

Build A Seasonal Wardrobe For Your Dog!

With all the fun prints to choose from, it would be a shame to stop with just one collar. Why not have a collar for all seasons? Or a collar just for special occasions? Your dog will have an extra pep in his step if he knows he looks dapper.

Duke & Fox Personalized Embroidered Dog Collar

There are patterns for fall, the holidays, and just for every day. We change our clothes every day, so why shouldn’t your dog have the option to change up his look every once in a while?

At Duke & Fox, sizing is a breeze and based on neck circumference. Once you know the size your dog needs, you can order a new collar every time a new print comes out! You can easily change collars without worrying about the transfer of tags from one to the other.  

An embroidered collar (or two!) from Duke & Fox is a perfect gift for your pup. The collars are made in-house in the U.S and are sturdily built for your peace of mind.

Get one for your dog’s Gotcha Day to show them they’re really part of the family. Moved and need to replace their old tags?  Replace them with a personalized collar instead. There are so many reasons your dog needs an embroidered collar!



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