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What To Get Your Favorite Dog Mom This Dog Mom’s Day

Candace Meade

Posted on April 22 2022

With Mother’s Day around the corner, don’t forget about this special kind of mom you’re probably not thinking about: the dog mom! Being a dog mom is a hard job, but dog moms totally take it on and make it a lifestyle! To show some love to all the amazing dog moms out there, celebrate Dog Mom’s Day, the perfect day to get your favorite dog mom a little somethin’ something!

Not sure what to get your favorite dog mom this Dog Mom’s Day? We’ve gathered up some ideas, and we’re sure you’ll find something that will speak to you, even if your favorite dog mom is… you!

Thoughtful Gift Ideas For Dog Moms

For the dog mom that enjoys a nice riesling, or just some fun glassware, a stemless wine glass may be just the thing. The Dogs and Wine Make Everything Fine glass is cute, dishwasher safe, and helps you keep track of your glass. 


For the dog mom on the go, in need of a regular caffeine fix, the I Prefer Dogs Over People Travel Tumbler is great for cold or hot drinks. Let’s just say, the sassy dog mom in your life will totally love this! 

But there’s more! The coffee connoisseur will get a kick out of the Silly Bean Dog Lover Gift Basket. It comes with a selection of 8 small batch coffee flavors, which can make 8-10 cups. Each flavor has a dog themed name, sure to elicit a chuckle. Plus, the coffees come packaged in a cute gift box, so no need to wrap or find a gift bag. 


Enjoy that delicious coffee in an adorable mug that shows off just how cute your pet is! The Custom Pet Mug Using Pet Photo makes for the perfect gift for the dog-obsessed mama. Simply share a photo of their dog with the shop, and they'll create a totally custom mug with their dog's... mug right on it!

You know she is, but you need to let the world know. The Best Dog Mom Ever Necklace combines her initial with a dog paw on dainty pendants suspended from a 16 inch chain. This necklace is great for the dog mom who enjoys small, understated jewelry pieces.


This adorable Custom Dog Mom Necklace is something she's going to absolutely love! Engraved with an adorable paw print and her dog's name on it, it's something that she will truly treasure and war close to her heart every single day!

If she’s a little bit crass, and a lot a bit sassy, then she’ll get a kick out of the “Sorry The Dog Farted” Soy Candle. Hand poured and manufactured in the United States, this soy candle burns for around 50 hours and is scented with orange, mango, and Gogi berry. If your wrapping skills are atrocious, this candle is already good to go, arriving in a gift box.


You will never go wrong gifting a dog mom a picture of her fur baby in a beautiful frame. The String Heart Dog Picture Frame holds a 4x6 photo and features a unique string art heart. Don’t forget to include an adorable picture, so she isn’t forced to choose from all the perfect pictures of her pup. 

Duke & Fox Dog Mom Sweatshirt with a baby and dog in a matching dog collar with collar accessory

Having to go from cuddling on the couch with your dog to taking them outside on a chilly night can be aggravating. Unwinding from your throw blanket and finding a jacket kills the relaxing mood. Dog moms can go from snuggles to bathroom breaks with the Dog Mom Blanket Hoodie. Is it absolutely ridiculous? Yes it is. Will she use it? Yes… even if she never admits it. With flannel fleece on the outside and sherpa fleece on the inside, this is the ultimate comfort garment/blanket.

Jet setting dog moms often like to travel with their dogs. Make this easier for her with the Top Dog Travel Bag. This sturdy bag comes with two silicone food and water bowls and two containers that hold up to 15 cups of food each. And handy pockets mean she can pack all of her dog’s essentials. This travel bag is perfect for all methods of travel. Its airline approved and meets carry-on requirements (just keep carry-on item restrictions in mind when packing). There are four colors to choose from, so you’re sure to find one she loves.

For the dog mom who loves reading, James Herriot’s Dog Stories will become her new favorite book. Based on his experiences as a veterinarian in rural Yorkshire, James Herriot’s stories are harrowing and heartwarming and perfect for every dog lover.

The Speckled Beauty by James Bragg is another book that will make the perfect dog mom gift and become a repeat read. It tells his true story of how a stinky, mooching, stray dog changed his world in wonderful ways after his own cancer diagnosis. 


The Ultimate Dog Mom Gift

Of course, we saved the best gift idea for last. The ultimate gift for dog moms is peace of mind. One of the biggest fears a dog mom has is her fur baby getting lost and not being able to find their way home. Old fashioned tags can easily fall off their rings and easily lost. 

A dog collar with an embroidered name means there’s no chance of lost tags. That same collar in an eye catching print will stand out more than a basic collar in a primary color. And people will be able to recall more clearly if they saw a dog in a unique collar pass by.

That’s where  Duke & Fox Collars come in! Our sturdy collars can be embroidered with your dog’s name and your phone number for easy reference in an emergency. Our customizable collars come in cute colors, but they aren’t just made of any old fabric. They are made of nylon and reinforced fabric so they can hold up to a rough and tumble dog. 

Our made to order collars also have upgradeable hardware. The standard buckle is made of strong black plastic. But you can also choose to customize your collar with a metal buckle in gold or silver. These don’t just look fancy. They can be engraved with 3 lines of information, so this offers yet another place for you to share pertinent information to your dog’s potential savior.


All collars come in sizes XS which fits a 6-9 inch neck all the way to 2XL which fits necks 26-30 inches.

Give your favorite dog mom a cute, customizable Duke & Fox dog collar for her special fur baby, and give her the ultimate gift of peace of mind!


The Dog Mom Shop

But that's not all! At Duke & fox, we don't just sell dog goodies. We've got stuff for the humans too!

Check out the Duke & Fox Dog Mom Shop for some adorable dog mom gear that your pal will love.

Dog Mama Sweatshirt for Dog Moms

This Dog Mom Sweatshirt can be made with your dog's collar pattern so that you're totally matching your best furry pal!


Whatcha waiting for? There are so many dog mom items to choose for!


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