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The Perfect Collar For Your Irish Dog Breed

Candace Meade

Posted on March 01 2022

Oh, the Emerald Isle! It isn’t just a beautiful place. It’s also the original home of some amazing dog breeds. In fact, there are eight AKC-recognized (American Kennel Club) Irish breeds with amazing stories about their origins. Two Irish breeds were among the first dog breeds recognized by the AKC when it was started… way back in 1884!

Irish dog breeds are beautiful, fun, majestic dogs all in one. Keep reading to learn more about these breeds AND check out some fun Irish themed collars to help honor your dog’s Irish heritage.

Don’t have an Irish dog breed? No problem! Our St. Patrick’s Day collar collection has something for every dog with any personality. Plus, with everyday plaids, simple designs, and fun patterns, these collars can totally be worn any day of the year! 


The Best Collars For Irish Dog Breeds

Irish Setter

Let’s start with the Irish Breed almost everyone knows. The Irish Setter! These dogs are a gorgeous combination of beauty and athleticism. They have gorgeous silky coats with a recognizable red tint. These natural athletes were bred for the hunt but still make the perfect family companion. If you’re lucky enough to have one in your life, then you know their elegant looks are all for show. They actually have rowdy, silly personalities. Irish Setters have endless energy and love to romp and run. These sporting dogs were one of the first breeds recognized by the AKC. 

Play up your Irish Setter’s elegant looks with this collar in Irish Plaid. Pro-tip: Enhance the red in your dog’s coat by choosing gold hardware. Your dog will be the most stylish on the block!

Irish Wolfhound

Irish Wolfhounds are another well-known breed from Ireland. And trust us… you need to see one in person to truly appreciate the sheer height of these dogs. Irish Wolfhounds are an ancient breed and have been around since ancient Roman times. There are documents from 391 AD that reference the majesty of the Wolfhounds presented as a gift to the Roman Consulate. With just one glance, you can tell why these dogs were coveted by royalty. These are huge dogs who are incredibly intelligent and have huge, gentle hearts. Irish Wolfhounds have inspired legends and poetry, and once you meet one, you’ll understand why. 

It takes a special dog to pull off the Beers and Beards collar, and the Irish Wolfhound is just the dog to do it. With a slightly scraggly beard of their own, the Irish Wolfhound will look quite fetching in this fun St. Patrick’s Day themed collar. Worried that we won't have the right size? Duke & Fox collars accommodate necks of up to 30 inches!

Pro-tip: Have a more distinguished Irish pup? Don't forget to snag the matching Beers and Beards bowtie to really complete the look!


St Patrick's Day dog collars


Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier

This dog’s name is also an accurate description. The Wheaten Terrier has a soft, pale gold coat with a slight wave. The Wheaten comes in 2 coat types: the Irish Coat, which is silky and wavy or the American or “heavy” coat, which is thicker. At one point in time, these dogs hunted down disease-carrying vermin and were popular with farmers and “common” folk. They were known as the Poor Man’s Wolfhound due to their popularity.  Wheaten’s have the typical terrier tenacity and sassy personality making them a fun family dog. Wheaten’s are a high-energy family dog that just happens to have amazing hair. 

You need a collar that will stand out against the hair of your Wheaten Terrier. The Lucky St. Patrick’s collar fits the bill. The pale aqua will stand out against your dog’s blonde coat, and the horseshoes and rainbows bring a fun touch that is just perfect for a terrier. 

Kerry Blue Terrier

These midsized working dogs have been popular in Kerry for about 100 years. Legend has it that a dog was shipwrecked near Kerry and swam to shore. This dog had such a beautiful silvery coat that all the female Wheaten Terriers in Kerry were mated with him to replicate his coat. There’s no way of knowing if this is true, but the Kerry Blue does have a beautiful coat that starts black as a puppy and transitions to its characteristic silvery-blue color. This is another terrier full of that terrier moxie.

In honor of their famous shipwrecked ancestor, deck your Kerry Blue out in this Lucky collar. Terriers like to run, so make sure you get your dog’s information engraved on the buckle just in case he manages to get out of the yard.

Pro-tip: Don't forget the matching bowtie! 

Irish Red and White Setter

Last, but definitely not least, is the Irish Red and White Setter. Although they have been around for as long as the Irish Setter, this color variation wasn’t recognized by the AKC until 2009! All color variations were accepted as Irish Setters until the AKC was created and Red Irish Setters increased in popularity and became the standard, causing other color variations to slowly begin to decline. We still have the Red and White Setter thanks to a breed revival that started in 1970. These sweet dogs are slightly different from their red-headed cousins with an overall sturdier build. Like other Setters, they are awesome, active family dogs. 

St. Patrick's Day dog collar

Show off your dog’s Irish heritage with the Four Leaf Clover collar. This bold collar makes a statement and is sure to have your dog standing out from the pack. So we think it’s the perfect accessory to bring attention to a breed that was almost allowed to fade away. Pro-tip: Enhance the collar with your dog’s name in embroidery. You have multiple color options, but a bold black or a bright green will work with the pattern, while still being legible.


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