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Dogs & Fall, Fall & Dogs

Candace Meade

Posted on August 23 2022

Dogs & Fall, Fall & Dogs, Goodbye for now Summer.

By Candace Meade

The last day of summer is September 21st, it'll be here before we know it but, it's really hard not to have already written it off with stores stocking the shelves with all things pumpkin! As summer ends and fall approaches we can start planning all the Autumn activities that your pup can enjoy too!

Who doesn’t love fall, the cool air, crunchy leaves, the smell of warm apple pie, a pumpkin spice latte? We are here for it! We are here for the comfort fall brings, gatherings, sweaters, an extra blanket, darkness approaching just a little earlier, and of course couch cuddling with our favorite furry friend. Most of all….FALL IS FUN, with cooling weather, changing colors, it is the perfect season to get out with your dog, ya'll can even get matchy matchy with our sweatshirts! Nothing else screams BEST DOG MOM EVER more than a matching sweatshirt and collar.




There are so many things to do with your dog in the fall and we offer the perfect collars and accessories for those occasions. Here are a few ideas to kick off Autumn with your favorite fluffer.

Pumpkin Patches. Load up your pup and head to your local pumkin patch. For some dogs this may be the perfect chance to socialize and maintain distance if needed. They can take in all the sights and excitement. Pick up a cute variety of pumpkins for your porch. It is definitely the perfect backdrop for family photos. If you hit up a nicer pumpkin patch there maybe a corn maze or sunflower field too! 


Great dane wearing a Duke & Fox personalized dog collar in a pumpkin patch


Apple Orchards. Another place that is perfect for taking in fall and enjoying the views at your speed, at your pups comfort level. You can usually grab a variety of fresh fruits (beyond just apples) and if you are really really lucky they may just have fresh apple donuts, ice cream, pie, and cinnamon ice cream. To be prepared make sure you have your dog on leash, bring a doggy waste bag holder in case of accidents, and a travel bottle of water and a snack in case they aren't equipped for dogs or have an area set aside. Just a warning: keep an eye out for those pesky bees. 


Doggy Waste Bag Holder


Breweries! There are so many places now that are combining our love of craft beers and our love of our dogs! Enjoy the cool weather and cold brews. Oktoberfest's will be celebrated soon! Dress you dog in the part in our Octoberfest collar. 

If your fur baby isn't one that likes to get out, or if you yourself are a recluse, or just had a long week and prefer staying home, pull out the fire pit and make a s'mores charcuterie platter. Don't forget to add dog safe goodies on there, a spoon with peanut butter (yum on your s'more too), slices of apple, or some popcorn. Get a s'mores dog collar to be extra festive.

The list of fun safe activities to take advantage of with your dog is endless, hit the winery, go camping, hiking, find local hay rides, ghost walk tours, Barktoberfests, apple festivals, craft fairs....just make sure you are prepared with the proper gear. Duke & Fox dog collars offer a variety of personalization options for easy identification. You can opt for an embroidered dog collar, engraved buckle, or even personalized dog tags with all the important contact info! Our collars offer common sense solutions for identification but, also some seriously cute patterns and accessories for all occasions! 





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