The Happy Camper Duke & Fox Dog Box


The Happy Camper Duke & Fox Dog Box....YAY! No subscription needed, buy what and when you want! Our Box includes a camping themed personalized collar in blue or pink, a collar accessory (s'mores bowtie or matching flower), a long Zippy Paws Jiggler Squeeky toy, and 2 homemade peanut butter cookies, a mountain & a squirrel.

* Our collar accessories will coordinate with your pups gender and collar. Some of our collars have a girl and boy color option, which is pictured. Some toys will vary in color, for example, a pink cake or blue cake in our birthday box.
Moisture: 10.24%
Fat by Acid Hydrosis: 26.23%
Protein: 15.68%
Fiber: 0.9%      
Ingredients: peanut butter, baking powder, water, flour with an all natural icing with no sugar that contains milk solids, yogurt powder, tapioca starch, tapioca maltodextrin, egg whites, dextrose, modified plant starch, apple pectin, rice starch, & gum arabic.

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